The YWCA of Kaua`i offers this program for youth with sexual behavior problems who have been referred by the Family Court Fifth Circuit. The program’s therapists provide cognitive behavioral therapy, victimization/trauma therapy, psycho-educational therapy and relapse prevention. Staff therapists also provide screening/evaluation, risk management, face-to-face interviews, record reviews, and individual and family therapy. The therapists meet with probation officers periodically for progress review and recommendations, coordinate services with the youth’s school, and participate in appropriate multi-disciplinary teams for the youth if needed.

The goals of treatment are to help participants:

  • acknowledge the full nature and extent of their sexually inappropriate behavior and/or antisocial problems
  • learn to control their deviant arousal patterns
  • develop victim empathy
  • identify, confront and change cognitive distortions or thinking errors
  • understand and intervene in their deviant cycles so that the lapses do not lead to a relapse
  • learn to solve non-sexual problems in non-sexual ways

All offenders who participate in the program must continue to show progress or they are dropped from the group. Evidence of progress includes:

  • physical participation
  • acceptance of responsibility for offenses
  • intellectual understanding of risk factors
  • emotional understanding of impact of offenses
  • behavior change and practice rehearsal of new skills
  • assertiveness and willingness to help other group members in their learning
  • periodic polygraph assessment