Since 1995 the YWCA of Kauai has been providing treatment services for victims/survivors and their families where sexual assault/abuse has occurred- meaning childhood sexual abuse, incest, acquaintance and stranger sexual assault, etc. Treatment services can include individual, group, family and conjoint counseling sessions. Clients come into the program voluntarily or they are referred by other agencies. In cases of recent incest, Child Welfare Services may refer clients for treatment, and most of these are supervised under the jurisdiction of the Family Court.

The goal of the program is to treat and prevent further intra-familial sexual abuse of children and adults through clinical services. Treatment of sexual abuse involves changing relationships in order to prevent re-abuse, treating trauma bonds, ending the cycle of abuse, and strengthening family members through individual and peer group counseling. Staff therapists meet with clients and develop a treatment plan. Where child sexual abuse is the case, therapists also meet with participating family members in developing the treatment plan. Most services are provided at the YWCA of Kauai office, but therapists also travel to other sites to provide and coordinate services