Renae Hamilton – Executive Director

Julia Adolfo – Women’s Center Administrative Assistant/Camp Sloggett Reservations

KipuKai Kuali’i – Director of Operations

Dollie M. Hamoy-Galiza – Chief Financial Officer

Hilda Javinar – Accountant

Jamie Bucao – Director of HR & Fund Development

Gemmalynn Miyashiro – Administrative Assistant

Michelle Brooks – IT Tech Support


Domestic Violence Services/Sexual Abuse and Assault Services

Joan Luzney – Clinical Director

Natalie Isaac – Shelter Director

Chelsea Crapser – Director of Crisis & Prevention Services


Youth Services

Snow Carapetyan – Prevention Educator

Matthew Houck – Lead Prevention Educator


Alternatives to Violence Program

Steven Dick – Lead Therapist

Joshua Atkinson – Clinical Group Facilitator

Linda Pizzatola – Clinical Group Facilitator

Rose Charles – Clinical Group Facilitator

Donna Dias – ATV Program Advocate