Family Violence Shelter

Is someone hurting you? We can help. BREAK THE SILENCE. No one deserves to be abused.

It’s not your fault. Admitting the truth about your abusive relationship is an important first step in getting out and ending the cycle of violence. You are not alone. People who understand the unique difficulties that victims of domestic violence face are available to help you. We will help you make a plan to be safe and to weigh your options for violence-free living.

The number to call for our 24-hour domestic violence hotline is (808) 245-6362.

Services provided by the Family Violence Shelter include:

  • 24-hour hotline at (808) 245-6362.
  • counseling
  • support groups focusing on issues of domestic violence, including the cycle of violence, and the impact of violence on children
  • safety planning
  • referrals and advocacy
  • assistance with protective orders
  • emergency shelter

Temporary Restraining Orders

YWCA Kaua`i can help you prepare a temporary restraining order. This service is provided free of charge, regardless of whether or not you are staying in our Family Violence Shelter. You can call (808) 245-6362, 24 hours a day to talk to our staff about your needs.

Our staff provides the following services:
• conducting an intake assessment to help document the history of violence and abuse in the relationship
• evaluating what type of restraining order you may be eligible for (either a domestic or harassment temporary restraining order)
• preparing the order paperwork
• providing education and information on available services, the Family Violence Shelter, and creating a safety plan
• accompanying you to the court house to file paperwork if needed, or to the police department to arrange to have the paperwork served to the abuser
• making arrangements for a family law attorney to provide legal representation with the Order to Show Cause or assist when there are child visitation or custody issues
• working with you to make certain that any violations of the restraining order receive proper attention and action from the police department.

Alternatives to Violence

As part of our commitment to ending domestic violence, YWCA Kaua`i provides treatment and education services to perpetrators of violence through the Alternatives to Violence Program. These services are complementary to the victim-centered approach that is the philosophical core of our mission. Our goal is to provide intervention as early as possible to stop the cycle of violence within families.

Alternatives to Violence includes group and individual therapy sessions which focus on anger management skills, understanding power and control dynamics, self-care, empathy and sensitivity to children and communication and collaboration skills. The program emphasizes the importance of responsibility and accountability. Participants document what they learn and rehearse their new behaviors and skills in-group sessions. Participants are expected to:
• Take responsibility for violent/aggressive behavior.
• Model appropriate behavior in-group and with partners.
• Use alternative behaviors (time-outs, tension reducers, anger management, learning triggers, and non-threatening communication) to resolve issues, and complete a written Violence Diversion Plan.
• Understand their style and use of violence, and the social, cultural and gender issues that led to their pattern of behavior.
• Understand how power and control dynamics operate in their lives and commit to making changes in these areas.
• Express increased empathy for their victim(s) and awareness of the impact of their behavior on others. A special emphasis is placed on each client with children doing a risk assessment of his/her own behaviors on their children, and to learn an appreciation for the needs of their children from a developmental perspective.
• Approach their current partner non-violently and in a respectful manner and to develop an array of skills designed to maintain non-abusive, collaborative relationships.

Women Perpetrators

Women who are referred to the Alternatives to Violence Program are offered education, and individual and group treatment. Participants are evaluated to determine if they are the primary aggressor, mutual combatant or a defending victim in the conflict. The treatment group includes women ordered to attend by Family Court, District Court, Child Welfare Services, and self-referrals. The needs of women perpetrators, due to social, cultural and gender issues, require treatment separate from male perpetrators.
Teen Perpetrators
Teens who are referred to the Alternatives to Violence Program are offered education, and individual and group treatment. All teen services are designed to be age appropriate.

The Kauai Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force

The Kauai Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force was launched in the summer of 2009, with the mission of “bringing safety and harmony to Kaua`i’s families through community outreach and collaboration, offering empowering solutions and resources for prevention, education, intervention and treatment of domestic violence.”

A diverse group of community members representing various non-profit social service agencies, education, healthcare, law enforcement, the faith community, county and state government, DV survivors and more, meet monthly and collaborate on projects to raise awareness and empower members of the community to step up and help change attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors around family violence.

The task force is a grassroots organization of interested individuals, sponsored by the YWCA of Kaua`i, and is open to anyone in the community who wants to make a difference.